Why Parallax Web Design Can Aid Healthcare Marketing

Why Parallax Web Design Can Aid Healthcare Marketing

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It’s easy to answer why. In a nutshell, because parallax provides more of an immersive and engaging brand experience for prospective healthcare customers – who are increasingly digital health care customers. Which means winning the battle for attention and share requires winning the battle to engage them more fully online.

Parallax has made quite a digital impact since becoming the hot web design trend in 2011. From Sony to Spotify, big brands have made the jump to Parallax scrolling-focused websites as a way to break out from the more traditional website mold.

In fact, here are 50 great examples of parallax websites.

What makes Parallax stand out?

It starts with its signature scrolling feature, which provides a faux 3D effect when filtering through a website – allowing the site’s background to move a little bit slower than the foreground of the site. In the process delivering it’s 3D effect as you scroll down the page and turning sites into more of an engaging brand experience, beyond just that of a functional, informational hub.

Why should someone, specifically in the healthcare marketing field, look to Parallax to imagine or re-imagine their website? Here are five reasons why.

1. Enhanced Presentation & Engagement

The Parallax design feature delivers the potential to showcase images, content, products and services in a bright, engagingly vivid way that makes visitors take immediate notice. Due to these technical advancements, Parallax lets users interact with a site without relying heavily on Flash or video, allowing for a completely engrossing experience.

2. Showcasing 3D Visuals

Parallax websites allow users to experience visuals in a completely new way. Instead of static, flat images, Parallax sites have the potential to deliver 3D visuals that are controlled by the user’s scrolling. Utilizing this feature effectively will allow for a site (especially within the more conservative healthcare arena) to stand out from the competition.

3. Demonstrate a Story through an Avatar

So often in healthcare there is a narrative showcasing the benefit of a service or treatment. So detailing that story is key. Parallax can be utilized in a creative way to do just that. By creating an avatar that takes visitors through a typical patient journey, Parallax can be used to enhance the storyline.

4. Showcase A Timeline

So many healthcare organizations have great histories (backstories) and accomplishments.  Showcasing that timeline in a creative and immersive way can add depth, difference and trust – and just might help break the ties versus other providers.

5. Leave Them Wanting More

Have you ever read a book so good that you keep reading until the wee hours of the morning? We’ve all been there, you’re about to put the book down…and then something hooks you at the end of the chapter. Something so interesting you had to keep going. That’s true engagement. A strategy that can also be utilized on a Parallax website.

All content is about telling a story. The difference with Parallax scrolling is that it allows the designer to eke out that story, enticing the user to the point where they have to continue to learn more. By engaging with the user as they first enter, to the point where they need to continue the story, the reader becomes further engrossed in the site. As each scroll down the website is a new page, this feature quickly begins to parallel an engaging book that can’t be put down.


Parallax scrolling can be used in a multitude of digital ways to reach out and interact with the user. Whether that is as a passive guide, or a motivated narrator with Parallax, a website is a way for users to immerse themselves in your story (and hopefully theirs) in a way they couldn’t before.