Beauty marketing: 6 tips for energizing brand and business

Beauty marketing: 6 tips for energizing brand and business

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Our beauty marketing article – Six Tips For Igniting Beauty Brand & Business Energy – is featured in’s “The Expert’s View.” You can read it here.

To build business in today’s environment – where technology leaves nothing to the imagination and nothing out of reach, where consumers are connected, collaborating and creating, where organizations can no longer hide behind the curtain and where brands are expected to do more – a new playbook is in order.

Here’s a summary of six of those plays:

1. Belief: Competitors can copy many of the functional attributes and benefits of your beauty products. But what they can’t copy is the meaning and purpose of your brand beyond what it does.

2. Behavior: Everything you do, every experience you create – with employees, customers and the public in general – should support and enhance your story.

3. Benevolence: Are you making the world a better place? How can your “belief” link to progress in the “communities” in which your organization and brand operates?

4. Bold: Be exciting. Continue to surprise and delight. Build an expectation that something new is always around the corner.

5. Bonding: Beyond customers interacting with your brand, make your brand the platform through which they share with one another.

6. Better Questions: Obvious “inside-out” questions yield answers that are more affirming and validating. Better “outside-in” questions let you see new things about your category, company, brand and customers.

Once again, you can read the article here. As always, we welcome your comments.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand consulting and marketing agency specializing in creating momentum for brands on a health + wellness mission.

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