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Branding and Marketing Program


The Wellness Way


Green Bay Wisconsin-based The Wellness Way is a rapidly growing organization with 72 clinics across the country, along with its first international presence in Ireland. Inspired by his wife and journey through medicine, founder Dr. Patrick Flynn’s “I Disagree” way of thinking understands that just because something is common, does not mean it’s normal.

The fact is, that despite our medical advancements, we are sicker than ever. Chronic conditions are at an all time high. The Wellness Way’s approach to care is unlike other traditional health care organizations – based on a different way of thinking. They are changing lives, restoring hope, and getting results. And their growth trajectory is enormous.

Despite this, leadership realized that they needed to get their brand right and their marketing more unified.


Following a lengthy process of interviewing prospective agencies, and after being let down in the past by agencies that promised a lot and delivered too little – Trajectory was engaged in late 2019.

Our goals were to clarify and articulate The Wellness Way’s brand story, positioning and elevator pitch (which had always been a struggle and had never been solved), engage prospective patients around a stronger promise and creative idea, and lay the foundation for future brand-led business growth.

Our upfront process included internal workshops, practitioner and patient interviews, competitor and outside category brand role model reviews, brand and marketing audit and a final brand opportunities report. This set the stage for all of our deliverables:

  • brand strategy: story [using our “Hero Journey” framework], tone of voice, positioning, elevator pitch, messaging matrix
  • brand design: evolved logo and new tagline, visual identity system, collateral, social media channels, new website
  • creative: creative platform, brand video, digital billboards, etc.
  • marketing: marketing/media plan and tactics


Across the board leadership team buy-in to Trajectory’s recommended The Wellness Way brand strategy and design recommendations (including story and elevator pitch which were never really able to be captured beforehand).

New tagline reflecting a powerful, motivating, distinguishing and true idea everyone (both internally and externally) can rally around – Do Health Differently.

Also new creative platform and executions (including brand relaunch video) and new marketing/media roadmap and tactical plan execution.

The Wellness Way relaunched its brand internally in October, 2020, with our external creative and marketing rollout to follow.

Brand Story - You don’t know the meaning of giving up, even when there are those… Find your path. Find your answer. Find your future. Even when the odds are stacked against you, WE’LL FIND A WAY.
Positioning - …health champion for all and a disruptor of the standard approach to care.
Tone of Voice - Champion, Inspiring, Passionate, Unapologetic, Crusader
Elevator Pitch - …health restoration clinics that think and act differently to solve health challenges others can’t.
Brand Guidelines