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McGlinn Cancer Center: Driving Awareness and Growth for a Cancer Center

Reading Health’s McGlinn Family Regional Cancer Center is nationally recognized as offering the very best in cancer care from The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. Its mission is to deliver leading-edge, compassionate cancer care to every patient who walks through its doors. Despite its recognition, the Center needed to raise awareness in its local communities.

With advances in technologies, treatments and clinical trials, patients are surviving cancer more than ever before – and getting back to the things they love in their lives. Our conversations with cancer patients, physicians and families led us to the idea that patients get more from cancer specialists who can give more based on their expertise and treatment options.

Integrated campaign raising awareness, boosting inquiries and referrals for this nationally-recognized cancer center. Mid-campaign, results included:

  • +38% website traffic
  • +29% inbound inquiries
  • +19% physician referrals.


  • Concept
  • Microsite & Videos
  • Media Plan
  • Social Plan
  • Creative Execution

Campaign Idea & Execution

Our “Gave Me More” oncology campaign (across TV, print, direct mail, digital and social media) features real cancer patients describing in their own words and in the context of their real lives, the individualized care and life-saving outcomes they received.

The campaign generated great response from physicians, with referrals up nearly 20%.

Measuring Success

+38% website traffic, +29% inbound inquiries and +19% physician referrals.