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Shaping and Launching A New Mass Market Skincare Brand




A new mass-market skin care brand launch to address a growing “clinical” segment opportunity, being brought to market by Dallas-based AB Brands (formerly Advanced Beauty Inc.), whose founder built and sold leading personal care brands Dr. Teal’s, Cantu and Bodycology.


Leverage the credibility of, and trend to, dermatologist recommended and clinically proven skin care formulas backed by clinical trials. At the same time, strategically use this skincare brand launch to exploit opportunities to outmaneuver premium brands Cera Ve and Simple.


Build upon our strong skincare experience (as both agency and former clients) to shape the brand concept, develop consumer and professional go-to-market plans and creative concept, and launch and support new mass-market clinically proven skincare brand Aquation.


  • Market Assessment
  • Customer Personas
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • B2C/B2B Marketing Plans
  • Creative Concepts
  • Photography
  • Website Build/Design
  • Print, Digital and Social (AOR)
  • In-Store
  • Dermatologist Videos

Concept Directions

To establish an overarching creative look and feel across the entire brand journey.



Our Simple Aquation campaign spoke to consumers and dermatologists across design (website, video, collateral), advertising and social media.



We architected, designed and built Aquation’s new responsive website and mobile experience.


Aquation Social Media (AOR)

  • AOR for Aquation social media
  • Activity including content, community management, paid social
  • Content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Significant month to month growth across platforms
Trajectory has been an invaluable partner in getting Aquation to market. In fact, they’re really an extension of our team. Beyond their branding, marketing and creative chops, this launch required tight collaboration, strong management, keen problem-solving skills and a positive get-it-done attitude. In sum, we love their energy, focus and passion for our business.

Director of Marketing

Dermatologist Education

Supporting doctors with in-office brochures and videos, as well as AAD tradeshow.


Measuring Success

Six months from our start date, Aquation was introduced to press, bloggers and vloggers at a launch event in NYC. At the same time, all Aquation sku’s hit the shelves in Walmart stores and are listed on Walmart.com.