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Vitanova: Launching a New Vitamin & Supplements Brand

With a rapidly increasing interest in personal health and wellness, more and more American consumers are incorporating vitamins and supplements as part of their diet. In fact, 60%+ of adults currently take a vitamin daily and 50%+ take a supplement daily.

While eating well and having a healthy diet are important, these habits can be expensive and time consuming. Vitamins and supplements are both convenient (as a way to seamlessly integrate health and wellness into consumer’s everyday lives) and trusted to maintain health.

Armed only with preliminary formulas, Trajectory was engaged to create and launch a new vitamin and supplement brand for Unipharm, a privately owned American pharmaceutical company developing and marketing OTC drugs.

We stepped back to help our client understand the overall landscape of health and nutrition, one in which brands and companies were positioning themselves to be part of the wider lifestyle choices and habits consumers have when it comes to their health.

Specific to the vitamins and supplements category, we learned from our qualitative research that likely more than a third of consumers thank that shopping for vitamins and supplements is confusing. Reasons for the confusion are an overwhelming variety of brands, variety and claims. So helping consumers buy with confidence is important.

Successful brand launch. Based on our wide-ranging market analysis, coupled with our primary qualitative research, we developed the brand proposition, design and experience, launch marketing plan and execution.

While specific sales data is private, our efforts directly contributed to:

  • beyond forecasted pre-orders
  • full-line (multi-vitamin and treatment-specific) sku commitments from major food/drug retailers


  • Market Analysis
  • Consumer Research
  • Brand & Product Naming
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Logo & Package Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Launch Marketing Plan

Brand World Boards & Packaging

Overarching creative look and feel translated to packaging to appeal to both male and female audiences.

Trajectory was a tremendous partner, helping us to concept and build our new brand from the ground up. From branding and marketing to across the board creative execution, they were invaluable.

Marketing Director



We concepted, designed and built Vitanova’s new responsive website.


Measuring Success

Vitanova was introduced to the trade and retailers in 3rd quarter 2014. Right out of the gate, Unipharm garnered higher than anticipated pre-orders for 2015.