Why Trajectory

The Power of a Brand-Building Specialist in Healthcare + Wellness

Focused on Healthcare + Wellness Brand Growth

Since 1999, we’ve used our specialized knowledge and expertise to help guide the trajectory of brands across the healthcare and wellness continuum – including health systems, hospitals and specialty providers, health and wellness services, physician and medical practices, skin care and beauty. These are the industry segments and consumer and professional audiences we know best, and where we have helped to create future brand value and growth. Through our comprehensive approach to solving branding and healthcare marketing challenges, we create award-winning strategy, design, experiences and marketing campaigns that move brands and businesses forward.

We’re Experts

Healthcare and wellness industry segments have their nuances, e.g. regulations, industry forces at work, business models, the different stakeholders involved in decision-making, category-specific language and KPI’s. All require specialized understanding. And if you’re a client shopping for a new branding and marketing agency partner, understanding these nuances should be important to you. There are a couple of other reasons why expertise matters. First, as experts we hit the ground running and our footing is more secure. Second, we can deliver faster business impact.

We Think Outside Your Segment

While we believe in the power of in-depth industry knowledge, we think it’s most potent when combined with outside category inspiration. One without the other makes for less courageous and stand-out solutions. The key is to be able to take our knowledge, shake it up and apply it in new ways. If a healthcare or wellness brand is faced with a branding or marketing challenge, we develop a custom-made solution that distinguishes and establishes a strong platform for creating future brand value and growth.

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