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Every successful brand strategy starts with a compelling idea that should produce real value for your organization and your audiences.

Your Essential Brand

There are a lot of different beliefs about brand and brand strategy. Here’s our take…

A brand is not a trademark, a mission statement, a logo or slogan, a product or service, or an advertisement.

A brand is a strategic point of view built into the planning process, a vehicle to create customer value beyond sound bites and images, a tool to create and sustain competitive advantage, an intangible asset that resides in our hearts and minds and built through perceptions, promises and experiences.

Ultimately, your brand let’s people know who you are by answering three questions: Why you exist? How you deliver value? What products or services you provide?

Today’s Marketplace

It’s overcrowded and noisy. Product proliferation creates so many choices that it diminishes our ability to differentiate or choose what we truly value. Brands help us choose. They shortcut the decision-making process by breaking through the clutter to help us make choices based on our perceptions and experiences. Which means that brands, not products or services, move mindshare and marketshare.

Many people assume that brand strategy is only affordable to larger organizations because of their size. But this is far from the truth, as every successful business, large or small, global or local, must have a brand strategy. A documented brand purpose, promise, personality, positioning, architecture and messaging – that aligns and guides its business, marketing activities and customers.

For a brand to grow and continue to thrive, it requires developing a systematic way of looking at it. Aligning it with the business strategy and taking into account the consumer and competitive context – to create a robust brand strategy.

To realize that value, our Trajectory team works with you to craft powerful brand strategies that put customers at the center, appeal to both hearts and minds through functional and emotional benefits and deliver tangible results. The right strategy reinforces your brand’s promise, boosts your brand equity and economic value, and drives real business performance.

Since 1999, Trajectory has applied our proven methodology to deliver winning brand strategies for organizations across the health and wellness landscape. Because our approach is grounded in fact and rooted in consumer and category reality, we ensure that each unique brand strategy will succeed for our clients.

Where Our Team Can Help You

  • Create new or refresh positioning for organizations, services and products
  • Recast corporate brand mission, vision and values
  • Develop new organization, product and service names
  • Improve financial performance through brand architecture optimization
  • Articulate a compelling, differentiated brand message framework
  • Evaluate the equities and liabilities of both client and competing brands
  • Define aspects of competitive advantage
  • Segment customer needs and value propositions
  • Align branded customer experiences and patient experiences with purchase and loyalty drivers

For more information, reach out to Dan Jovanovic.