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Healthcare Market Research and Insights

Our market research and insights service provides the foundation for your healthcare and wellness branding strategy. Our in-depth research programs and insights will help you improve the perception of your brand so that your audience will gravitate toward it. Despite the fact that the healthcare and wellness industry is highly competitive, our experienced market researchers can identify opportunities that will solve your pain points and provide additional value for your company.

Helping To Determine Direction

Effective brand management and marketing begins with research and insight – understanding how your brand is perceived and how it performs. Knowing how perceptions align with your organization’s goals, culture, and communications, along with drivers of customer choice, is critical to building a smart brand strategy and marketing program that can outperform your competitors. Our approach to brand management springs from a belief that a brand is more than a name or a design, but rather a valuable organizational asset that should be measured and managed.

Pre-Research Questions

While research might be warranted, there are some important questions that you need to answer before rushing into a market research study:

  • What’s your biggest pain point?
  • How much are your branding and marketing challenges costing you?
  • What marketing goals do you want to accomplish by conducting research?
  • What resources do you have available to conduct market research?
  • Are you objective enough to conduct the research on your own?
  • Is the opportunity worth the investment?
  • What’s the competition doing?
  • Where is the best place to get your data?
  • What long-term impact will (or can) the research have on your organization?
  • What will you do with the results of your research?

Where And How Trajectory Can Help

We can help you to field the right research program to strengthen your brand strategy and set the stage for your wellness marketing or  healthcare marketing. Research solutions we provide include:

  • Honing direction through qualitative research
  • Fact-based decision making through quantitative research
  • Generating insights for wellness marketing and healthcare marketing innovation through customer ethnographies
  • Improving patient experience and satisfaction through customer and patient journey mapping
  • Business reviews, brand audits, competitor and role model reviews
  • Identifying positioning opportunities to build competitive advantage

For more information, contact Dan Jovanovic.