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Brand Design

Our award-winning brand design services provide healthcare and wellness brands with smart and creative designs that can help distinguish them from their competitors. Whether it’s a new website, printed collateral, packing or mobile experience, our great designs can help you connect with customers and stand out in crowded industries like healthcare and wellness.

Our job is to help our clients use design to achieve their brand, business and marketing goals. We do this by using our award-winning experience to create distinctive solutions that engage the senses, build desired perception and are grounded in brand strategy and marketplace opportunity.

Essentials For Smart Brand Design

The medium may change from project to project, but the elements of smart and grounded brand design stem from answers to fundamental questions:

  • What drives our client’s organization in terms of mission, vision, corporate culture?
  • What are their most important goals?
  • Who are their audiences and how do they want to be perceived by each?
  • Who are key competitors; and what is our clients’ competitive advantage?
  • What are the trends and changes affecting the industry?
  • What are we communicating?
  • What is the overall visual personality?
  • How can we create a distinctive, yet coherent presence wherever the brand travels?
  • How do imagery, color, texture, typography and voice come together to create an integrated design solution?

The answers to these questions enable us to design with focus, strategic imagination and careful attention to detail. Over the years, Trajectory has helped numerous organizations across the health and wellness market to define and express their visual and verbal brand identity –beginning with their brand name and brandmark and extending to applications from business cards to websites, from advertising campaigns to packaging, to signage, tradeshows and virtual reality experiences.

Where Trajectory Can Help

Whether you’re in the wellness market, skincare market or in healthcare marketing, Trajectory can work with you to:

  • Develop entirely new or refresh existing corporate identity programs
  • Create a distinctive and modern logo or word mark for existing and new names
  • Design an integrated identity system across all channels, both offline and online
  • Create comprehensive, easy to use brand guidelines
  • Facilitate implementation of large branding programs to achieve consistency
  • Create a unified brand identity and build on equity when companies merge

For more information, contact Dan Jovanovic.