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Content Marketing and Social Media Services

Our content marketing and social media service provides healthcare and wellness brands with modern content and social media marketing strategies that deliver value to their audience and engage them at the right time and place. Effective content marketing and social media strategies require the distribution of brand messages to specific audiences in ways that deliver value. Trajectory knows how to get those messages in front of your audience during their customer journey, whether they’re reading a blog post or watching a video on Facebook.

Delivering Value at the Right Time and Place

Effective content marketing and social media means communicating brand messages to specific audiences in ways that deliver value, on topics that matter to them, at a time and place that fits into their social lives. Messages that compel them to research, compare, chat, like, link, tweet, text – and choose to do business with you.

Content marketing can help forge meaningful relationships with prospective customers, patients and physicians, and court them throughout their journey with your organization. Being found everywhere your audiences go for research throughout their customer journey keeps you visible and puts you in the consideration set. And that makes a purchase decision easier. Most important, building your content marketing and social media presence helps your audiences live their lives more efficiently and effectively.

Evaluating and Understanding

In order to help your audiences make decisions, you need to understand their activities and behaviors first. Understanding these activities and behaviors will help increase the odds of you meeting your business objectives. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Where are we with our content marketing and social media efforts today? How does this relate to our current marketing activities and to how audiences use our brand to achieve their goals?
  • What are the behaviors that our audience’s engage in? How are competitors and best-in-class players utilizing content marketing and social media?
  • What is our agenda for change, relative to the consumer journey, their outcomes and goals and our brand strategy objectives?
  • How do we best work across functions in the organization to enable our audiences on social media and online and build value for them beyond the usual marketing playbook?

How And Where We Can Help

Our content strategists, writers and designers will work closely with you to understand your audiences’ needs, how to engage them in valuable conversations and which channels to reach the best outcomes. We can help you:

  • Form strategies for content design and distribution including digital marketing
  • Create Thought Leadership papers and expert marketing
  • Build connections through social media marketing
  • Share authentic stories through video and motion graphics
  • Create corporate communications and annual reports
  • Align corporate sustainability messaging and reporting
  • Articulate complex information through infographics
  • Strengthen sales with messaging playbooks

For more information, contact Dan Jovanovic.