Branding Solutions That Distinguish & Grow Relationships


Our award-winning branding services help clients differentiate their brands and create more meaningful relationships with their audiences. We do this by communicating and delivering relevant uniqueness and building trust and credibility before, during and after a healthcare or wellness transaction.

To ensure our branding efforts are effective and genuine, we combine ongoing actions beyond the temporary nature of an advertising campaign – blending together culture, design, language, style, storytelling and experience. So that brand is baked into every facet of the business. Our comprehensive branding services help clients to create distinguishing healthcare and wellness brands that stand apart from all of the rest.

Branding That Creates Bonds

Great branding creates consumer bonds. It’s the culmination of support, discipline, commitment and a healthy dose of creativity to ensure that a brand stands apart from its competitors and connects emotionally with its audiences –  aligning brand values and actions with what people think and feel about an organization, its products or services. Great branding is an ongoing process of creating a cohesive brand idea and personality, which provide a short-hand for decision-making that breaks through our ever-increasing message-laden environment.

Winning Branding Practices

There are certain practices common across all great brands, in terms of how they tell and deliver on their stories. These practices work for and are essential for any brand, whether old and new, large or small, B2B or B2C.

These winning practices include:

  • Unify. Great brands are unified in their vision, agree on who they are and what their value is to customers and speak with a singular voice.
  • Simplify. Great brands create a clear and compelling message across their words, images and experiences. As a result of this clarity, everyone easily understands their brand promise and why they should buy into it.
  • Amplify. Consistency is the hallmark for any great brand. To maximize design and marketing dollars, brands need to deliver consistently and strategically across all touch points.
  • Diverge. Differentiate your brand from the status quo; If you look, feel and sound like everyone else, you’ll be perceived as such.
  • Advocate. Great brands get behind a philosophy or belief system that allows them to align with their audiences and pull them into your brand.

Related Branding Services

Strategy & Planning

Consumers have so many choices today that it diminishes their ability to differentiate or choose what they truly value. Every successful brand strategy starts with a compelling idea that should produce real value for your audience and your organization. Our brand strategists have specialized expertise in healthcare and wellness industry branding to help clients strategically achieve their marketing and business goals.

Brand Purpose & Story

Every great brand leads with an idea that consumers buy into, beyond just a proposition that they can buy. We refer to this as your Big Energizing Idea (our version of brand purpose). Big in that it transcends a category, unifies a brand’s point of view and can be brought to life everywhere; and Energizing in that it aligns all audiences.

With your BEI (your purpose) in place, we then create the narrative that emotionally connects audiences to your brand. This story is an essential foundation to guide your actions and behaviors, and it’s critical regardless of industry segment, size or age. A compelling story is the heart and soul of your brand, and each interaction is an opportunity to advance both story, and audiences.

Brand Design

Our award-winning brand design services provide healthcare and wellness brands with smart and creative designs that can help distinguish them from their competitors.

Our job is to help our clients use design to achieve their brand, business and marketing goals. We do this by using our award-winning experience to create distinctive solutions that engage the senses, build desired perception and are grounded in brand strategy and marketplace opportunity.

Brand Culture

Our brand culture services help healthcare and wellness companies establish and live their core values so that their actions align with brand promises. Successful organizations large and small have one thing in common – they have a strong brand culture. One that’s rooted in the heart of the organization and radiates outward as a natural set of actions based on a common spirit and worldview. This brand culture will not only unite an organization’s employees in a common purpose and vision, it will also attract consumers and engage them in a relationship that increases their passion and loyalty.


For more information about Trajectory’s branding services, contact Dan Jovanovic.