How To: Align Brand Strategy And Business Strategy


There’s a common perception that business strategy is strategic, and brand strategy is marketing-led. But brand strategy is a corporate-level asset. In order for a company to create customer value and to recognize its full market value, both need to be aligned.


  • the essence of business strategy is knowing where and how you will win
  • developing brand strategy covers much of the same ground
  • both are about targeting a customer, resolving problems, defending market position
  • brand strategy is therefore just a translating of business strategy


In order to realize your full business potential…

  • recognize that brand planning is not an offshoot of the marketing function, but rather an extension of business strategy – representing a corporate-wide vision that drives business performance, company culture, customer experience, brand perceptions and relationships
  • as a first step to alignment, begin by mapping the basic building blocks of your business model – specifically the revenue generating components (i.e. value proposition, customer segments, channels, customer relationships)
  • brand planning should then dovetail with each of the business model components above; translating each one into a purposeful and differentiated promise as the face of your business
  • ultimately, a strong brand creates a strong business. A brand strategy which is part of your overall business strategy, is a strategy for growth and success.
  • at the end of the day, everyone important to your brand’s success needs to be on board – from the CEO to the most junior people across the organization – believing in the same vision, the same purpose and the same promises

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