Michelle York

My personal motto has always been Get Your Hands Dirty. Both literally and figuratively. I love being outside on my farm just as much as I love digging into an intricate or complex business challenge. And, as the Director of Account Services at Trajectory working across the health and wellness continuum, there is no end to the little things that excite me on a day to day basis.

I thrive working alongside our team and our clients to overcome challenges big and small. Over the course of my tenure at Trajectory, I have gained invaluable experience in managing large scale programs from product launches, to major rebrandings to dynamic traditional and digital campaigns. I’m always ready for the next challenge and look forward to finding solutions to make things easier for our clients and internal teams.

Before making my way to Trajectory, I worked hands on managing strategic marketing and social initiatives for a range of local businesses and non-profits. I also managed and helped to grow a successful artisan market where I fostered a love for the outdoors and animals. When I head home for the day, it’s to my husband, puppy, ten chickens and two goats.

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