Dan Jovanovic

If you are a healthcare or wellness organization or brand drawn to Trajectory, I’m your first point of contact.

My professional business relationships, and the joy and reward I experience from creating these relationships, became the impetus for me to begin my path into Business Development. For me, conversations can create ripple effects of ideas and possibilities. Learning about our prospect’s journey’s and those of their organizations, and connecting those stories to Trajectory’s story is a genuine thrill for me. Being a health and wellness enthusiast is icing on the cake (maybe not the best analogy).

My roots trace back to Reckitt Benckiser, as a designer working on brands including Lysol, Spray N’ Wash, French’s, Airwick and many more. After several years, I ventured onto the agency side as a senior designer who was always fortunate to work closely with my CPG client marketing counterparts. I spent 15+ years melding the two skill sets of design and marketing in a former business development role prior to Trajectory.

Outside of Trajectory, on top of a lot of family time, I love coaching my daughters in basketball. On occasion, I create celebrity impersonation voice overs. This all started when I was a young kid impersonating my uncles! Glad to share if we connect.

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