Welcome To The New World Order: 7 Traits of High Energy Brands

The new normal for brand marketing is that there’s a new way forward for consumer marketers. It’s a world where technology leaves nothing to the imagination, consumers are connected, collaborating and creating, where organizations can no longer hide behind the curtain and where brands are expected to do more.

What hasn’t changed, however, is the need for brands to uniquely plant themselves in the hearts and minds of employees, prospects and customers; which allow organizations to use their brand to create new value and drive new growth. Here are seven traits of “new world order” brands, along with some best-in-class examples across a range of different industries:

  • Brand-Led Culture, e.g. Lush Cosmetics
  • Belief, e.g. Method Cleaning
  • Behavior, e.g. Geek Squad
  • Bonding, e.g. Axe
  • Benevolence, e.g. TOMS
  • Bold, e.g. Voxiva
  • Badge, e.g. Pinterest