Marketing and Branding In The Medical Practice Industry To Acquire New Patients & Grow HCP Referrals

Medical Practice Marketing

Trajectory is an award-winning medical practice marketing agency that uses compelling marketing strategies to attract and retain profitable patients and grow HCP referrals. We help medical practices remain competitive and shape their future by strengthening their brands, developing a clear brand position that aligns practice physicians and staff, and communicating your brand with a consistent and distinguishing voice and visual identity that translates across every brand touch point.

The Need for Medical Practice Marketing

Medical practice marketing is needed now more than ever. It’s a new world for independent physician and medical practices, who typically haven’t had to put much thought into their public image, outreach and getting patients in the door. But the health care landscape is changing, making way for a marketplace where…

  • Power has shifted. Today’s empowered healthcare consumer has more information, options, and convenient alternatives to meet their needs than ever before — instantly, 24/7, on devices of their choice.
  • Industry spending is on the rise. Spending on healthcare marketing rose sharply over past two decades, from $17.7B in 1997 to $30B in 2017. Advertising of health services rose from $542M to $3B in this same period.
  • Empowered consumers are searching provider capabilities, ratings and reviews on search engines, sites, Facebook, YouTube — making comparisons and judgements. If you don’t establish your position online, you don’t have one.
  • HCP’s also require customized outreach. The ability and end benefit of referring a patient to a practice must be quickly communicated, and done seamlessly

Our Contribution

As a physician and medical practice marketing agency with specialized industry knowledge, we can make sure your practice keeps up with these changes in the digital world. Ultimately, helping practices attract and retain profitable patients, grow HCP referrals and build their business.

The Importance Of Digital Presence for Medical Practices

The growth of a physician and medical practice brand is predicated on the website keeping pace. Since the vast majority of your current and future patients are online, it’s also important to build a “responsive” website that represents your medical practice, gives your audience what they want and adapts to tablets and mobile devices.

To succeed as a medical practice in the modern world of marketing, you must:

  • Update your physician and medical practice website on a regular basis, along with its search engine visibility.
  • Include latest procedures, techniques, and technologies that are specialties and differentiators for your practice on your website.
  • Announce any honors and recognitions awarded to individual doctors or the practice at large online.
  • Update videos, patient testimonials and reviews to build credibility and trust.
  • Publish thought leadership such as white papers and blog posts to also bolster search volume and placement.
  • Update any social media channels that your practice uses to build its presence and integrated them with your website.

As a medical practice marketing agency that keeps up with the current landscape, Trajectory can help you implement these strategies as they are critical to being found online and increasing patient conversion performance.

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Our Physician and Medical Practice Marketing Services

As a physician and medical practice marketing agency, we can:

  • Understand and articulate what makes your Practice different and special, to give patients a unique reason to choose you over competition
  • Define your primary patient segments taking into account demographic and lifestyle characteristics, as your messaging and imagery will vastly differ based on your type of practice
  • Refresh or create your brand design elements — from logo to tagline, website, social media channels, brochures, etc., — to maintain a consistent message and image in order to have the greatest impact
  • Design, redesign and build websites to create the best reflection possible of your practice and to provide all the information prospective patients and HCP’s need to choose and refer your practice
  • Author marketing plans as the first step to equip practices to achieve short-term and long-term goals
  • Develop and execute marketing campaigns, including TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, print
  • Bolster online and social media presence which should be the most prominent part of your marketing strategy
  • Using SEO to grow visibility and drive traffic to your website, to ensure your brand remains on top of search engine results
  • Monitor patient experience, as your reputation ultimately depends on how your patients feel and how they perceive your practice

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