Marketing and Branding in Health Care Services and Technology

Our branding and marketing work in health care services and technology includes launching, rebranding and energizing medical device businesses, clinical trials technology companies, disease management companies and population-based benefits companies.

While clients benefit from our deep category experience, they also benefit from our cross-sector expertise and insights. We understand the rules of the road, but help them to see new possibilities to set themselves apart, create new value and tip the scales in their favor.

The Need For Healthcare Services and Technology Marketing

As the US healthcare system seeks to harness the potential presented by technology to improve care and achieve better outcomes more efficiently and with fewer resources, the importance of healthcare services and technology businesses will continue to grow. The market is already growing rapidly, as it takes on opportunities to address the half a trillion dollars of annual healthcare spending resulting from low productivity and waste.

Propelling the industry forward are five key forces:

  1. The growing senior population.
  2. The number of patients with chronic disease and how they wish to manage their healthcare.
  3. The need to help reduce costs and speed up the process of bringing drugs to market.
  4. The demand for population-based clinical services.
  5. A world which places greater emphasis on health and wellbeing through “connected health.

Since the healthcare services and technology markets are growing, companies in these sectors can capitalize on this opportunity, and Trajectory, a healthcare services and technology marketing agency, can provide strategies that will help you make the most of it.


How Healthcare Services And Technology Marketing & Branding Services:

  • Strengthen competitive position by diagnosing brand strength
  • Strengthen relevancy among B2C and B2B customers by developing and sharpening brand strategy (purpose, promises, positioning, personality, brand architecture, naming and nomenclature, messaging)
  • Assist with planning by authoring organization-wide and product/service marketing plans, content strategy marketing plans and social media plans
  • Accelerate growth by launching, rebranding and reenergizing brands
  • Create end-to-end marketing programs by aligning strategy, design, communications and technology
  • Strengthen customer experience and revenue opportunity by exploiting digital transformation
  • Build internal brand culture and marketing champions by mobilizing internal teams around purpose and promises

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