Breast Cancer Awareness: Beyond Branding

We’re midway through October…the season of changing leaves, pumpkin spice, spooky ghouls — and breast cancer awareness. Everywhere you look, you see a sea of pink to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Big brands from The NFL and Estée Lauder to small mom and pop shops around the corner are getting in on the pink ribbon palooza. While the pink shade is appealing to sport, it’s important to remember the purpose behind it all: to increase the awareness of the disease and raise money for research for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and maybe one day even a cure.

Breast Cancer Awareness Women in Circle

For those suffering from breast cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness Month can feel like a massive support group. Fundraising events are a great place to meet those with a similar diagnosis, get some peer to peer bonding, and even learn new information. Staying up to date on trends in breast cancer can be crucial in the fight to remission. Outside of word of mouth, how can breast cancer patients stay in the know of what’s happening with breast cancer? The answer is digital.

Helping Fight The Fight Through Digital & Social Media

We were gifted the internet almost 3 decades ago and there have been countless communities for endless topics created over the years. From chat rooms to discussion boards and online advocacy groups, there is something for everyone affected by breast cancer. is just one of many sites that host dozens of pages dealing with every aspect of the disease. Whether you were just diagnosed, are waiting for results, dealing with pain, or lost a loved one — you can find someone to talk to or threads to read for peace of mind.

Check Yourself App

Social media is another awesome way to connect with folks in the breast cancer community. A simple hashtag search of #breastcancer or #breastcancerawareness on Twitter and Instagram gives an endless trove of breast cancer content. Everyday people, influencers, and brands are sharing and doing their part to raise awareness for breast cancer. And it doesn’t stop at your usual social media watering holes: there’s even an app for that.


Breast Cancer Healthline is an app equipped with one-on-one chats and group discussions to help remind patients that they are not alone in this fight. It’s a great resource to find and receive advice, access the most current news and research, and connect with peers. Check Yourself! is a free app designed by the Keep a Breast Foundation to help you get in the routine of performing self-exams. You can schedule an automatic monthly reminder and learn how to properly check yourself and get familiar with your breasts. Additionally, the app sends you tips for lowering your risk of breast cancer.

Stretching Woman

The best part of all of these resources being so present and readily available – outside of raising money for a cure – is being able to reach such a large audience. Knowledge is crucial in the fight against breast cancer. Knowing when something looks irregular or when to get your first mammogram becomes a normal part of your healthcare routine. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual reminder to keep breast cancer top of mind all year round. And, hopefully, leads to detection, prevention, or even a cure.

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