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Rising to the challenges that digital represents means understanding the customer journey, designing better experiences and creating better ways to grow. Laying the right foundation is imperative.

Rising to this challenge means the purposeful deployment of new technology and new ways of doing business to drive value for customers and employees and more effectively competing in an ever-changing digital economy.

Developing A Holistic Strategy

Mobile, social, web—the key is developing a holistic value building digital strategy that encompasses the countless ways consumers, patients and physicians now experience your brand. It requires taking an organization-wide approach to build a successful digital ecosystem – to create tangible value for your business and your audiences.

Web Experience And Customer Engagement

Leading with your customer is job one. And your brand website arguably still has the biggest impact on their overall experience, although customers now interact with brands across many channels and devices. This is because your website (with the possible exception of a mobile app) is the only digital channel that can perform all three customer-facing functions of sales, service and marketing.

Your website is also the first place a customer might encounter your brand, either through a Google search result, or a targeted digital ad campaign. As a result, any brand that is hoping to compete on the basis of customer experience can’t afford to have a sub-standard website experience. And a substandard web experience is one that is company-focused, instead of customer-led.

The Importance of Mobile-First Moments

A growing behavior that needs to be on every marketer’s radar screen is mobile-first moments. As consumers increasingly reach for their phones to complete everyday tasks, they’re turning the consumer and patient journey into hundreds of new “micro” touchpoints where they seek real-time, mobile-optimized content, reviews, shared experiences, and direction online. Traditional touchpoints such as websites, contact centers, etc., don’t meet these heightened expectations. As such, micro-moments represent new, critical opportunities for brands to improve their digital marketing and shape customer decisions and preferences.

Where And How We Can Help

At Trajectory, we help clients across the health and  wellness landscape – to strategize, design and build their digital presence and improve their digital marketing to drive their brands and businesses forward. Every digital project we do is focused on creating a customer experience that maps to business strategy, aligns with your brand strategy and fulfills your brand promise.

We can help you:

  • form an enterprise level digital strategy, including digital marketing
  • map the digital customer journey and patient journey
  • deliver a rewarding customer experience and improved patient experience across platforms
  • organize information architectures
  • develop responsive websites and microsites
  • design and develop mobile and tablet interfaces
  • execute rich media marketing programs
  • deploy marketing automation and consult on CRM tools

Trajectory’s Digital Assets Deep Dive Audit

Do you need to get a complete picture of your digital performance? A smart and objective starting point for many digital-focused engagements is our comprehensive digital deep dive audit. It lays the foundation for digital success by answering the question of whether all of your digital assets, e.g. website, mobile, social, content, are working together to maximize customer experience, engagement and revenue potential.

Our detailed and customized analysis of your digital assets — mapped against your business objectives — provides insight into your current performance and actionable immediate steps to enhance your future potential.  Added benefit is that we’re specialists focused exclusively across the health and wellness continuum, so we understand your industry, challenges and audiences.

If our audit sounds like it could be of value to your organization, reach out to Art Stiefel, Director, Digital Strategy at Trajectory.


For more general information, contact Dan Jovanovic.