Improving lives = customer and brand energy = brand success.

Great article on mediapost.com – Fastest-Growing Brands Are Ideal-Driven. It recaps the research conducted by Millward Brown and Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer of P&G.

It seems that the common denominator across the 50 brands showing the fastest growth both in depth of customer relationships and financial value between 2000 and 2010 is that they’ve been built on an ideal of improving lives in some way.

By “ideal, they’re referring to a “higher-order” purpose or benefit that the company/brand seeks to contribute to the world, with this purpose being the central driver and determinant of all of its strategies, decisions and actions.

Health and well-being brands that made the top 50 list include:
• Dove (personal care)
• Innocent (food and beverages)
• L’Occitane (personal care)
• Method (household cleaners and personal care)
• Natura (personal care)
• Pampers (baby care)
• Sensodyne (oral care)
• Seventh Generation (household cleaners and personal care)
• Stonyfield Farm (organic dairy products)

Health brands – which at their core exist to make lives better – should own more places on this Top 50 list. It starts with finding your energy. Stepping back and reconsidering your story and the big idea that defines you. Your more heroic purpose. And then letting your actions follow from these beliefs. Which ultimately become a platform for customers (and your brand’s) continuous growth.

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