Healthcare marketing: ingredients for fresh and relevant

Your health system or hospital story doesn’t matter.

What matters is simply how your story fits into their lives.

Embracing this idea is important to your success as a healthcare marketer. It’s the difference between being fresh and relevant or getting lost in a BIG sea of easy-to-ignore, seen-and-heard-it-before, same-as-everyone-else noise. The big sea of course is the 5,000 other marketing messages that hit the average American—hence your audience—in the 10 hours a day or so they spend with various media.

The Healthcare Brands Challenge

For the best of brands, it’s an epic battle to get consumers to stop and take notice, much less to care. For health system and hospital brands, they have to work even harder. Because let’s face it, in a world of retail, fashion, technology, entertainment, and consumer brands, you’re like the kid in gym class who always gets picked toward the bottom by the two assigned captains in dodgeball.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Every health system or hospital brand deserves to climb higher on “the relevant brands roster” list. Every health care brand deserves to tell, and demonstrate, a great healthcare marketing story.

But here’s the thing. To help your brand improve and grow its standing, you need to help your customers improve and grow. And the more you’re in touch with their larger story, the more you create a brand story that they want to be a part of. You can even take this a step further – don’t tell people a story; give them a story to tell.

This success formula cuts across all industries. And the common theme is marketing that leads with a customer problem or aspiration, acknowledges their unmet needs and opportunities, and then uniquely communicates and boldly delivers their solution. It’s marketing that empathizes, connects, and inspires.

Said another way, it’s marketing that matters. Because it’s relevant to a customer’s life.

The Keys To Success

How can health care marketers create more meaningful and relevant engagement with customers who are now at the center of the health care ecosystem? Who are proactively taking ownership for their health, taking control of the buyer journey, and taking control of the media they want to see. AND, how do you do this when the size of your wallet might not be as big as the behemoth health system the next county over?

Hop on over to our article on Strategic Healthcare Marketing for the answers – Health Care Marketing: The Recipe For Cooking Up Fresh and Relevant Results.

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Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand consulting and marketing agency specializing in creating momentum for brands on a health + wellness mission.