5 Takeaways from CEW Insider Trend Forecast 2017

In 2017, beauty brands connected to total health and wellness, that promote an overall sense of “feeling good,” will reign. From in-store to social and digital media, having a sense of how your brand fits into the everyday lives of consumers is key. If you couldn’t make the CEW Insider Trend Forecast 2017, we’ve highlighted the top 5 takeaways you need to know to keep your brand on-trend as we enter the New Year.

1. It’s not just about feeling confident anymore. According the NPD Group, 78% of consumers buy beauty to look and feel their best. What does this mean for beauty marketers? It is essential to appeal to consumers on more than one level. Think products free of toxic ingredients (parabens, phalphates, sulfates etc.) in packaging that is good for the environment, in shades that are current and formulations that are innovative and exciting. Yup, all of that.

2. Digital, social, and an online shopping experience that support a sense of community and empower followers to engage with the brand throughout all stages leading to purchase are CRUCIAL. If you are loading up your social channels with self-serving promotions and speaking at your audience, chances are they aren’t engaged, and if they aren’t engaged, chances are they aren’t buying. Another thing, according to research presented by Nielsen ‘s Jordan Rost, overall, consumers are less loyal online, with the exception of beauty. Social media offers marketers an opportunity to connect directly with their target audience, and, hopefully, build a network of loyal brand evangelists, compelled to create and share content in a meaningful way. Oh, and by the way, digital is outpacing brick and mortar growth in the space by 5:1, a share marketers cannot afford to ignore.

3. Athleisure. Know it, learn it, love it. That’s right, Athleisure is not the fleeting trend it was once thought to be. As the average US consumer participates in a broader range of activities (from what they eat, to what they wear), the Athleisure trend has been cemented, as has the ability to go from every day activities to exercise, seamlessly. Sarah Jindal of Mintel highlighted brands such as Tarte for creating, “Athleisure for the face,” products that are branded as sweat proof, versus waterproof, and are easy to pop in your gym bag. Products with formulations that are activated by your daily workout, rather than destroyed by it are projected to come more to the forefront of the category as we jog into 2017.

4. Be Healthy-ish. Ok, so even if you’re not on a strict diet of bikram yoga and quinoa, consumers are making healthier choices, now more than ever. The same goes for skincare. Growth in the natural and clinical skincare space has outpaced the market overall, according to Karen Grant of the NPD Group. Jordan Rost echoed the sentiment. Dermatologist recommended skincare products are now more en-vogue as a part of the new consumer’s more holistic view of living an overall, healthy life.

5. Binging can be a good thing. Well, not if you’ve just spent the last five days on the couch demolishing season after season of Breaking Bad until your friends have given you up for dead. But, binging in the beauty space means growth for all. Millennial women in particular are ramping up the pace at which they buy makeup and skincare. Interestingly, while prestige purchases continue to outpace mass, the exception lies in skincare. Mass skincare continues to outpace their higher end counterparts, which just goes to show that there are still a few exceptions to the proverbial rule.

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Michelle York

Account Supervisor at Trajectory. Passionate about all things digital/social. Strong believer in 'grow your own' philosophy and lives on a mini-farm in Western New Jersey along with her husband, dog Robbie, goats and chickens.