A Death in the Social Media Family


Today marks a death in the social media family. The once promising, video-centric platform Vine, purchased by Twitter before it went live, is now just a distant memory.

Launched back in 2013, Vine’s popularity exploded as a quick and easy way to create endlessly entertaining, six-second videos that looped incessantly to share with your friends. As with any popular social platform, a culture of influencers able to master the art form (see Jerry Purpdrank, with over 9 MILLION followers) rose to the top, making Vine as addictive as it was entertaining. The shortsighted trajectory of Vine’s strategy would eventually prove to be their downfall. With the introduction of video capabilities to Instagram not long after Vine hit the scene, the platform began a slow decline.

The advent of Snapchat proved to be the nail in Vine’s coffin. Just goes to show how quickly social media tastes can change based on convenience. Facebook has managed to sustain consistent growth over the last twelve years by anticipating their users’ needs, and giving them little reason to leave (you can now sell a toaster via Facebook, really. You can). At Trajectory, we know staying up on social media trends isn’t easy. Tools come and go, but a sound strategy is forever.