The role of brands in our lives

Powerful article on written by Catherine Hope, associate creative director at Naked Communications – Brands’ focus on body confidence not enough.

This issue really hits home for Trajectory. Not only because we work exclusively across healthcare and wellness, but given that a few years ago we produced this important non-profit video for Tri Delta’s national “Fat Talk Free Week” program.

But Catherine’s article also speaks about men, who also suffer from unrealistic expectations and inequalities.

Begs the question, just how far should brands go to not only change the conversation, but to take action?

Take a couple minutes to read her article.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand and marketing firm specializing in creating momentum for businesses across the health + wellness continuum. The common threads are consumers who want to get well, stay well and play well, and brands that fulfill these aspirations and goals.

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