Healthcare marketing case study: from volume to value

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We rarely tout our own work on our blog, but this is a timely topic in healthcare marketing as the industry evolves from volume to value, and marketers seek to engage value-conscious patients and consumers.

As consumers are now bearing a more significant share of their healthcare costs, and as they become more engaged in managing their healthcare, seeking value and transparency will likely weigh into shaping their perceptions, decision-making, and the long-term relationships they form with industry providers. This begins with education.

With this backdrop, we developed this (award-winning) 360º healthcare marketing campaign – 101 Reason’s Why – for our client Reading Health System. It was quite the team effort, researching and revealing 101 tangible “value” drivers (across quality, cost, technology, customer experience, convenience, innovation, etc.) reflective of what RHS is doing to deliver higher-quality care with an unrelenting focus on improving patient value.

Given that our 101 reasons span the entire healthcare system, and reflect the hard work of so many individual team members across the system, it’s become a strong rallying point for all internal audiences. And it helped that we took the time to educate all colleagues across the organization about the campaign and all of its different components prior to external launch.

The campaign can be seen, heard, interacted with and shared by consumers across multiple media channels (including the interactive microsite above). Here are just a few of our TV spots:

Reading Health System "101 Reasons Why" TV Commercial (Clinical Excellence) from Trajectory on Vimeo.

Reading Health System "101 Reasons Why" TV Commercial (Patient Access) from Trajectory on Vimeo.

Reading Health System "101 Reasons Why" TV Commercial (Patient Experience) from Trajectory on Vimeo.

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Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand consulting and marketing agency specializing in creating momentum for customers, brands and businesses across the related categories of health, wellness and beauty.

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