Healthcare social media: who’s doing it right

Healthcare social media: who’s doing it right

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This article on – Social Media For Health Care, Who’s Doing It Right, highlights five healthcare social media campaigns that, according to author Steve Olenski, show you how it’s done.

Featured are these five organizations:

J&J: which launched its Care Inspires Care campaign, after seeing surveys indicating most people believed the world is a less caring place. The company created a Facebook page where people could share acts of care, and it named several health care organizations, FIFA World Cup volunteers, and J&J employees “Champions of Care.” J&J also created children’s books inspired by stories of health care workers who took care of sick children.

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GE Healthcare: whose campaign to boost the company’s image and attract top technology talent, created a Tumblr blog filled with stunning radiology images titled “The Pulse on Health, Science, and Technology.” It contains images of creatures, from humans to insects to one-celled organisms, rendered using imaging studies like MRI, computed tomography, X-ray, and PET scans.

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Arkansas Children’s Hospital: during the Summer, kids risk of death and injury significantly increases. To raise awareness, the hospital developed the #100DeadliestDays campaign, featuring a downloadable parent-teen driving agreement, infographics on topics like fireworks safety, and an Injury Prevention Center content hub providing fact sheets about risks to child safety.

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Melanoma Patients Australia: Facing increasing melanoma diagnoses in Australia, particularly for people ages 15 -30, MPA opened social network accounts for Melanoma. When Australians tweeted or posted about sunbathing, tanning, or spending days outdoors using hashtags like #beach, #sun, or #pool, an algorithm detected the posts and sent an immediate response from Melanoma. The campaign reached over 2 million people and drove a 1371% increase to the mobile site.

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United Healthcare: As part of Source4Women, its digital and social media initiative promoting women’s health, United Healthcare created the #WeDareYou campaign. Every month, United Healthcare posts a series of challenges, daring women to live healthier lifestyles.

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These campaigns are successful, according to the author, because they mix timely health advice with clever calls for participation. And ultimately, can help bring out the healthiest lives in all of us.


We agree that they’re successful. They’re definitely true to each brand. And they target customers at the right time and address real needs or desires (though J&J’s campaign feels a bit more “institutional”).

As a company, however, we believe that social media at its best, transcends campaigns and marketing departments. To us, unlocking the full potential of social media (and brand building) means integrating social across all business functions, from sales to customer service to human resources – to be able to engage and interact with your target audience. We refer to this idea, and the principles behind it, as building Social Brand Capital.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, the specialist health & wellness branding and marketing agency using every moment as an opportunity to move customers, brands and businesses upward to a new destination.