Healthcare marketing activation: Orlando Health

Healthcare marketing activation: Orlando Health

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There are many opportunities today for health system and hospital marketers to create new partnerships and platforms to more meaningfully connect and engage with their audiences. In fact, as the industry evolves to more a population health management and consumer-driven future, these opportunities should move up on the list of healthcare marketer priorities.

Our client Orlando Health is the exclusive provider of medical care for the new MLS franchise Orlando City Soccer Club. And their logo (the one Trajectory created as part of our major rebranding initiative), is emblazoned on the front of their jerseys.

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The relationship (cultivated by John Marzano, VP, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer) reflects brand activation at its best. But it gets better. Orlando Health is now able to reach an expanded fan base through Xbox and its just released FIFA 2016 MLS Soccer Video game. Orlando Health is featured on the MLS cover as well as its own personalized team cover.

These efforts bring the Orlando Health brand to life in ways that:

  • help distinguish it in a crowded marketplace
  • fit with the core values of the Orlando Health brand
  • create assets that offer long term benefits to the organization
  • create genuine emotional engagement with communities through their passion for soccer
  • ultimately, make it easier for consumers to believe in the Orlando Health brand.

Last but not least, leveraging the relationship with soccer and its pro athletes leads to new business for Orlando Health’s sports med program – whose mantra is “Get Treated Like A Pro.”

Very cool all around!!

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand consulting and marketing agency specializing in creating momentum for brands on a health + wellness mission.