Trajectory’s Favorite Things: Brand Edition #2

Trajectory’s Favorite Things: Brand Edition #2

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Do you ever get a warm, fuzzy feeling when thinking about your favorite brands? You’re not alone. As a brand strategy and activation firm focused on healthcare and consumer health and wellness, our team members are obsessed about brands that cross these categories.

From a personal story that you’re drawn to, to packaging that simply and beautifully attracts, to a lifestyle brand that creates a vibrant and interactive community within its users, we can’t get enough of our favorite brands. This week, Trajectory Account Executive, Michelle Zarella, lists five of her favs.


Poler Stuff


As I mentioned in a previous post, I love Poler Stuff. Pulling on one of their beanies on a cool morning before a run, bringing their camera cooler with me on longer day trips to keep things cold, or sipping coffee from one of their mugs in the morning—I love using their products, and its because I feel involved in the brand. Poler speaks to the type of lifestyle I like to live, and they fit seamlessly into my every day. Not to mention, their social media is on point.



Oribe has everything you could want in a line of hair care products.  They’re silky and effective, and the smell is amazing (really, men and women alike should own their texturing spray). Their signature scent, Cote d’Azur, runs throughout the line, so that all products work together and build upon each other. The packaging is also so appealing that you don’t mind leaving it on the counter. Some brands just signal luxury and Oribe is really the pinnacle for hair care. They recently started using the hashtag #oribeobsessed and I definitely fit into that category.

Harvest Snaps

Harvest Snaps

This brand is fun. Like really fun. They are fun to eat, fun to look at, and fun to tweet at—all around I just really enjoy the experience that Harvest Snaps creates for its consumers. I don’t eat chips, but in the office, you’ll usually catch me with a bag of these on my desk.


tesla_favorite brands

There isn’t a more interesting (or exciting) brand out there right now. Even people with very little interest in the auto industry (like myself) cannot help but be charmed by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, and his vision for the future of tech and automotive. He’s also sort of the people’s champion/real and human challenger up against the establishment. Plus, they already have some pretty serious brand loyalty on their side.

Kim Kardashian


Just Kidding! Kim actually ranks as one of my least favorite “brands.”  I will turn my television off if she (or any of her sisters) come on screen. As certain brands speak to your values and your beliefs, the Kardashian brand speaks to what I most dislike about our culture. By spreading their lifestyle of wealth, wantonness, and lack of real substance across the general population, this brand is doing the world zero favors. It’s ashame that they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Michelle York

Account Supervisor at Trajectory. Passionate about all things digital/social. Strong believer in 'grow your own' philosophy and lives on a mini-farm in Western New Jersey along with her husband, dog Robbie, goats and chickens.