Trajectory’s Favorite Things: Brand Edition

Trajectory’s Favorite Things: Brand Edition

Do you ever get a warm, fuzzy feeling when thinking about your favorite brands? You’re not alone. As a brand strategy and activation firm focused on healthcare, personal care, wellness and lifestyle, our team members are brand obsessed.

From a personal story that you’re drawn to, to packaging that simply and beautifully attracts, to a lifestyle brand that creates a vibrant and interactive community within its users, we can’t get enough of our favorite brands. Over our next few posts, we will share our insight on what makes them so great. This week, Trajectory’s President, Eric Brody, lists five of his favs.

Eric Brody, Trajectory President

In general, I’m attracted to brands that have a strong point-of-view and Eric_Brodythat have a bigger story that transcends their immediate category. I also appreciate brands that have more of a human versus institutional face, that take a stand (whether for or against a prevailing belief), that have carved out their own unique path, and whose execution (down to the last detail) reinforces their uniqueness.  Here are five within our space that come to mind:

1. LuluLemon

trajectory_favorite brand_lululemonTruth be told, at one point, they really let me down. I wanted to enlist their support for an incredibly important cause, which aligned perfectly with their reason for being, but they made it impossible to ever speak to a real decision-maker. It would have been a perfect match, which would have legs for years to come. But…I’m over it. I relate to their company story, and everything that flows from it. From their manifesto, to their aesthetic, their stores, their apparel (which I wear), their people, their service, their take-away bags. Everything about the brand is very tight.

2. Arnold Palmer

tracjectory_favorite brand_arnold palmerWho I view as a lifestyle brand. And who we had the incredible up close and personal pleasure to do global brand strategy and design work for. It’s hard to imagine a life filled with even a fraction of his accomplishments. But for all he’s achieved, he’s the most humble and gracious of men. He truly could be the guy next door. When you meet him and spend time with him, it very quickly becomes apparent why Arnie’s Army stormed the course behind him.

It’s a shame, however, that younger generations aren’t fully aware of all of his accomplishments. Case in point, one of our summer interns a few years ago couldn’t believe that we were working with “the tea guy.”

3. Suki Skincare

You might not be familiar with this hard-working line of skincare products, named after the founder, Suki Kramer. Beyond the fact that all of the products are 100% pure formulas that are clinically proven effective in 3rd party trials (outperforming letrajectory_favorite brand_sukiskincareading synthetic products), Suki (also the formulator) is a force of nature. Given her backstory, she’s incredibly passionate in her mission to empower women to feel beautiful and strong in their own skin, and unstoppable in her desire to unearth the real truths in the skincare category. By the way, her signature and best-selling product – Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser – will make you feel cleaner than you ever have before.


4. Nike & Adidas

trajectory_favorite brands_nike_adidas

I’m a jock. I played soccer in college, and find my way to the golf course and tennis court as much as I possibly can. In the winter, I suit up and hit the streets on a bike when they’re not snowed or iced over. So needless to say, these two brands strike a real emotional chord with me. Though they’re two of the largest companies in the world, I see myself in the very human stories they tell. And I want to be a part of them. I also really appreciate how they tell their stories –full of depth, color, graphics and excitement.

5. Cliff Bar

trajectory_favorite brands_clifbarI should own stock in the company. Their energy bars are with me whether I’m on the golf course, tennis court, taking a bike ride or taking a long run or walk (nothing as exciting as this shot as I don’t like heights).  Their story is simple, believable, and a bit playful. Not too much. Not too little.  Just like their branding and how it’s executed. Shows you that you don’t need a big budget to make a big impact.

Michelle York

Account Supervisor at Trajectory. Passionate about all things digital/social. Strong believer in 'grow your own' philosophy and lives on a mini-farm in Western New Jersey along with her husband, dog Robbie, goats and chickens.