A dose of humanity from a skincare brand CEO

A dose of humanity from a skincare brand CEO


We came across this special little piece from JuE Wong, CEO of StriVectin skin care, in the February issue of More Magazine.

Beyond JuE’s intimate glimpse into her life – it indirectly puts a genuine, human and honest face on a skin care brand that is vying for attention, share and loyalty amidst hundreds of others. While we know that this is not its intent, it does go a long way for consumers desiring real, authentic stories that intersect with their lives and who share similar values and beliefs.

It’s also another touch point in someone’s customer journey that indirectly distinguishes StriVectin in this very crowded category. At the same time, we think it’s a wonderful signal to company employees and associates that they work for a company surrounded by a culture – starting from the top – filled with empathy and relevance.

Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself JuE.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, the specialist health & wellness branding and marketing agency using every moment as an opportunity to move customers, brands and businesses upward to a new destination.