Choosing to be “Great By Choice”

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I just finished reading Great By Choice by Jim Collins (author of Good To Great) and Morten T. Hansen.

Here’s the last paragraph of the Epilogue:

We are not imprisoned by our circumstances. We are not imprisoned by the luck we get or the inherent unfairness of life. We are not imprisoned by crushing setbacks, self-inflicted mistakes or our past success. We are not imprisoned by the times in which we live, by the number of hours in a day or even the number of hours we’re granted in our very short lives. In the end, we can control only a tiny sliver of what happens to us. But even so, we are free to choose, free to become great by choice.

If you’re in a position to impact or influence the company you work for, I’d highly recommend the book.

Here’s to being great by choice in 2015!