Healthcare system and hospital marketers: who you’re really competing with

Healthcare system and hospital marketers: who you’re really competing with

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Your traditional industry boundaries have dissolved.

Sure you’re competing with other service area healthcare systems and hospitals.  And new “health” care providers – both real and virtual – like Walgreens (Healthcare Clinic), Nike (Fuelband), Apple (HealthKit)  and the many other technologies that put your health at your fingertips.

But from your customer’s perspective, your traditional health care playing field has become leveled. Everyone’s got the awards, the technology, the best docs. Separate from the “best’s-in-class” (e.g. the Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s of their specialties), quality has been commoditized and stripped away traditional sources of differentiation.

So how to stand out and stand apart?

1. Think like your customer. Who doesn’t compartmentalize their experiences by industry. They want the same time saving advantages of Amazon’s one-click.  The same “happiness” they get from Zappos and Southwest Airlines. The same personalized experience they get when they visit the Mac genius bar.

2. Map your customer experience journey. Which begins before a prospective patient ever picks up the phone or steps into your facilities.  Then, take the necessary steps to create more customer value across all your channels – by enhancing, doing away with or creating new interactions.

3. Change your competitive lens. Realize that you’re no longer competing with fellow traditional providers. Because customers are comparing you to companies like Amazon, USAA, Southwest Airlines and Nordstrom – who are known for their customer centricity.

How does your customer experience stack up?





Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand consulting and marketing agency specializing in creating momentum for brands on a health + wellness mission.