What Google teaches hospital brands about culture and employee engagement

What Google teaches hospital brands about culture and employee engagement

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New insights and ideas can always be found by looking outside our immediate categories. In this case the category is healthcare and the outside role model is Google.

Here’s a really interesting article on Becker’s Hospital Review – The Google Approach: How Hospitals Can Create Cultures That Drive Employee Engagement.  And Google is definitely a company to pay attention to as it relates to engagement – as since 2012, they’ve topped Fortune’s annual list of 100 Best Companies to Work For.

According to their website, it’s a research-based, deliberate approach to every aspect of their workplace – evidenced in the fact that “data is central to everything we do, even when we choose a paint color for a conference room wall or plan a lunch menu.”

Experts on employee engagement and satisfaction say health system and hospital brands can benefit from adapting a similar research-based approach, as data helps you understand the pulse of the organization, which in turn helps to create action plans.

As cited in the article, three steps to fostering engagement are:

1. Gathering data: Engagement improvement starts with surveying employees
2. Forums, huddles and celebrations: The importance of communication and recognition
3. Creating a vision: How to establish an intentional culture

It’s no secret that brand engagement pays off in numerous ways. Engaged employees are more connected, work harder, stay longer and perform better. They also represent the company brand better – which creates happier customers, provides competitive advantage and builds a healthier bottom line (which makes for happier CFO’s and shareholders).

Here again is a link to the article.




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