The age of get well, feel well and live well brands

The age of get well, feel well and live well brands

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 8.29.25 AMWhether your a CPG brand marketer, personal care or beauty marketer, leisure marketer or healthcare marketer, your sweet spot is increasingly someone who wants to feel better, look better and play better, and a brand that fulfills these aspirations and goals.

It’s a growing market fueled by consumers of all ages on the lookout for products and services that promote healthier lifestyles and a better quality of life. And it’s demand spans all demographic segments and cuts across all sectors of the marketplace.

Case in point, consider the boundary-pushing get well, feel well and live well benefits of these exemplary cross-category brands.

1. Nike+Fuelband (single universal way to track your active life)
2. Philosophy (products that inspire you to live a better life)
3. Nestle Healthy Living (nutrition, health & wellness)
4. Zumba (spreading fitness and happiness across the world)
5. Nature Valley (from natural ingredients to encouraging getting out and enjoying nature)
6. Intercontinental’s Even Hotels Brand (delivering health and fitness to wellness-minded travelers)
7. Zico Coconut Water (get the oomph you need, naturally)
8. Lululemon (cultivating an athletica community)
9. Walgreens (reinventing the pharmacy by being at the corner of happy & healthy)

Implications for Brand Owners

1. Seize the day. People are fired up about living better and healthier lives. Make your brand more relevant by inspiring and supporting them in their quest to do so.

2. To do #1, you need to re-think your purpose. Re-focus your story. Re-work your value proposition and priorities. Re-energize your customers and you’ll re-energize your business.

3. Understand what fuels your different audiences. Attitudes, motivations and behaviors vary by age. Young people are into fitness, competitive sports and weight loss (but not into eating as healthy). Parents and beginning boomers are into health, with activities focused around social and recreational activities. Middle boomers, with more “me-time” on their hands, engage in activities around health, recreational sports and increased attention to diet. Older boomers activities revolve around health and leisure.

4. Look beyond your current borders. See the world from the vantage point of your customers and their changing, needs, aspirations and preferences. Consider new partnerships and platforms that allow you to create new and greater value and help consumers to become more active participants in improving their health and quality of life. With who? What Action? Where?

5. It’s the little things. Which together, can add up to big gains. And they’re easier to put into practice. So think in simple ways. How can you help people to reach their health and wellness goals by saving them time, making it easy, making it fun, making it a shared experience.

The brands that help people to reach their full potential – to get well, feel well and live well – will be the brands that will win their hearts, minds and loyalty.

Where do consumers place your brand in their interconnected world of health, wellness and leisure?

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, the specialist health & wellness branding and marketing agency using every moment as an opportunity to move customers, brands and businesses upward to a new destination.