Does your healthcare marketing really matter? It can.

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Do your prospective customers deserve better marketing? Only you know the real answer.

Step back for a moment. If you were on the receiving end of your healthcare marketing –– would it matter to you? More specifically, would it teach you more? help you do more? help you distinguish, believe and trust more? inspire you to act?

Consider all the “must-do’s” that find their way into your organization’s marketing and creative process. Do they really reflect what people want and what your brand can genuinely do for them? Are they the things that lead you to making ideas that people pay attention to, are motivated by and inspired to act on – that build value for them and your organization.

Here are ten ideas that are guaranteed to get more people wrapped more tightly around your healthcare brand:

1. leverage a killer consumer insight (like Dove)
2. do more, talk less (like AmEx OPEN forum)
3. be more involving and engaging (like BUD Light)
4. be more useful (like Nike+)
5. be more interesting and exciting (like AXE)
6. deliver a better, branded, experience (like Zappos)
7. create ongoing surprise and delight (like Sharpie)
8. encourage conversation and sharing (like AXE)
9. let them see behind the curtain (like Zappos)
10. be more purpose-driven, and find ways for everyone to participate (like Tom’s Shoes)

The key to winning is creating marketing that matters. Unearthing what people need to feel better, look better and play better and then giving it to them. Are you?