“Brand” Marketing – an important message beyond the medium

“Brand” Marketing – an important message beyond the medium


My career spans advertising account management, client-side marketing, global brand consulting and for the past 13 years, owner of branding and marketing firm Trajectory. The common denominator has been a focus on brands – creating, managing, growing and nurturing them.

So this cartoon from Tom Fishburne – Where Complacent Brands Go – really hits home. First, because we pour all of our energy each and every day into helping clients shape and guide the trajectory of their brands. Second, because we’re not quite sure if this reciprocal “brand” passion and commitment (sometimes perceived as distinct, or as a discretionary add-on, from growing business) always resides in the hearts of brand marketers and their leadership teams.

As per the cartoon, the complacent brands graveyard is filled with tombstones that read:

– Analysis Paralysis
– Followed the Same Strategy Year After Year
– Didn’t Take Challengers Seriously
– Dismissed Anything New As A Fad
– Stuck In The Status Quo

Now for those gravestones off in the distance whose messages you can’t make out, here’s what they actually say:

– Thought Brand Was A Luxury
– Didn’t See It Coming
– Could’t Afford To Invest (R.I.P.)
– Didn’t Think We Needed To (And Didn’t) Invest
– Thought We Could Do It Ourselves
– Assumed That Will Never Work
– Maybe In The Next Budget Cycle
– But It’s Never Been Done Before
– We Know What Our Customers Want

But life doesn’t have to end this way. You steer the fate of your brands. Let these unfortunate outcomes be your guide. Let them inspire you to take the other path that can lead to brand (customer and business) prosperity.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, the specialist health & wellness branding and marketing agency using every moment as an opportunity to move customers, brands and businesses upward to a new destination.

2 thoughts on ““Brand” Marketing – an important message beyond the medium

  1. “We Know What Our Customers Want”

    How many of us have uttered that phrase? You can never assume you know what they want because needs and wants are always changing! If you refuse to accept that you might not know it all you’re in for a rough ride!

  2. Appreciate your comments Joe. And your point about “we know what customers want” is right on. So very important to have an open mind to avoid that rough ride!