Leveling the Field In The Female Dominated Beauty Marketing Category

Leveling the Field In The Female Dominated Beauty Marketing Category

Beauty Care Marketing

Beauty marketing has a new face, as male consumers demand products specifically suited to their needs. Men’s perception of “personal care” has changed significantly – baby boomers understand the effects of aging, and are turning to products that help them look and feel younger. And younger people are growing more conscious and becoming more “proactive” about their appearances. As a result, these consumers have created a “new market” opportunity that both global beauty brands and new & emerging brands are rapidly responding to.

We’re seeing new category players like Bulldog, finding their way into the market historically dominated by the “big” beauty brands. So, how is the industry responding? There’s a shift of focus on product lines and brand marketing strategies that appeal to men’s sense of necessity – offering products that are convenient, multi-functional, and easy to wear. According to manufacturers at Happi, “men want basic items with real benefits, and tend to shy away from products perceived to be pampering – they want something that is unique to their masculinity.”

Brands are clearly gaining traction as this category grows at exponential rates. According to Global Industry Analysts “the global male grooming products industry is expected to generate more than $33 billion in revenue by 2015, and will continue to drive expansion in the wider global cosmetics market.” Already demonstrating great promise for new category players, are early adopter brands like Anthony and Jack Black, who identified this trend over a decade ago.

There is strong brand advocacy for male grooming products as well. Male-oriented lifestyle magazines, such as Maxim, GQ and Esquire, are touting the benefits of skin and hair care regimens. We’re seeing male role models, such as entertainers and athletes, using these products. There are numerous online product sites such as the Grooming Lounge that enhance the users experience by offering men a forum to comfortably seek and share personal care advice. And, women’s beauty sites like Sephora have dedicated sections exclusively for men’s products.

As we can see, opportunity and interest to engage this consumer is growing and the brands that establish a strong product positioning and place in men’s lives – delivering products that meet their unique lifestyle needs – will be at the forefront. We will continue to observe the men’s personal care category, as it is a natural extension of our consumer health and wellness expertise. If you have anything to additional to share, I welcome your comments.

3 thoughts on “Leveling the Field In The Female Dominated Beauty Marketing Category

  1. Carrie,

    As you cite, men’s skin care is a big opportunity business exemplifying how far the industry, and consumer expectations, have evolved from pampered indulgence to functional, more subtle products and results.

    This dovetails with the fact that MANY more men – are having more serious “work” done at dermatologists, med-spas and plastic surgery offices, as these new surgery technologies make for little downtime and visible effects.

  2. Great post. Men are indeed starting to care more about their skincare – you didn’t mention the true pioneer in men’s skincare in the US, Kiehl’s. they are the number one men’s skincare brand in the US and have been making men’s specific products since the 1990s.

  3. Travis,

    I agree with you about Kiehl’s. So much so that I wrote a separate post specifically about the brand. I’m a huge fan. Please take a read and let me know your thoughts.