A lesson in “marketing that matters”, complements of Hurricane Sandy

A lesson in “marketing that matters”, complements of Hurricane Sandy

It’s day seven and our neighborhood is still without power. And frankly, I don’t expect the situation to change anytime soon, as there’s another storm headed our way on Wednesday. Layer the gas shortages on top of the situation, and it’s been a tense week.

In these situations, I think we look for things that, though maybe just for a fleeting moment, put a smile on our face. In this case, at least for me, they are little acts of “marketing that matters.” Marketing whose focus is beyond selling more products and generating more profits, to making a real difference in people’s lives. Marketing that results in growing affinity towards that brand, and people then sharing that affection with others. Marketing that will actually, in the long run, sell more products and generate more profits.

Over the course of the past week, here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

– one of the local health clubs (the local “Y”), letting people work out for free and take a hot shower until their power is back on
– the local coffee shop handing out free mini-donuts
– the local chain grocer letting shoppers have a free cup of coffee
– the local gas station that let me exceed my $60 dollar limit by $1.75 so I could fill my gas container

In the big scheme of things, they’re all little acts of marketing kindness. But they’ll all pay big long-term rewards.

Do you have any examples from this past week that you can share?

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, the specialist health & wellness branding and marketing agency using every moment as an opportunity to move customers, brands and businesses upward to a new destination.