Healthcare marketing and branding leaders – the value of your corporate mantra

A good mantra both guides your strategy and says everything about your culture.

We couldn’t agree more with these words from Shane Snow in his great article on – Repeat After Me: Your Company Needs A Mantra.

Here are the top five most important ideas (my pov) from his article:

1. The best mantras inform a company’s everyday decisions, both behind the curtain and in front of the crowd.

2. A mantra is more fundamental to a company’s internal purpose than simply a marketing slogan. It’s concise, repeatable, and core to a company’s existence.

3. For some of the world’s most innovative companies, (we’d say for all companies), mantras should become a rallying point for employees and customers. Consider “Rewarding everyday moments” (Starbucks), “Think Different” (Apple), “Authentic athletic performance” (Nike), Enriching women’s lives (Mary Kay).

4. The key is simplicity. It should be “short, sweet, and swallowable.”

5. Mantras are therefore not mission statements (the cumbersome, typically indistinguishable paragraphs of company platitudes). Which, by the way, tend to be highly forgettable.

Is your healthcare organization mantra-less? Are you saying to yourself, “hmmm, this could be pretty powerful for us?”

Here are some thought-starters for you, with the goal of getting to those few words that reflect your story and your reason for being: Who are we? What do we believe in? What drives and unites us? How are we changing things?

It’s tough getting to, and committing to, your one thing. But it’s well worthwhile given its real and lasting benefits.