Wellness, Personal Care & Beauty Marketing: take a cue from “Lush”

Wellness, Personal Care & Beauty Marketing: take a cue from “Lush”

Wellness, personal care and beauty marketers can take a cue from Lush when defining, launching or re-energizing their brands. Lush knows, communicates and brilliantly delivers its story, while also telling its customers story. The result is a mutually rewarding relationship.

As part of our research for a beauty marketing presentation, we searched for inspiration outside of our prospective client’s segment (as big insights and ideas can always be found outside our respective categories). In this case, we were interested in brands that changed the way consumers could participate in their category.

In our brainstorm, I recalled Lush, a brand that I was first introduced to in London. Visiting their About Us page, you find this wonderfully happy and refreshingly genuine lush video titled We Believe. It captures everything that the Lush brand is all about and stands for.

Here are five pieces of learning that wellness, personal care and beauty marketers should take away from this video:

1. Brand story. Lush is rock solid in terms of knowing, conveying and demonstrating who they are, what they stand for and what they stand against.

2. Brand relationship. This is an intimate video – genuine, revealing and personal. Importantly (and probably quite intentionally), it reflects the changing expectation of what consumers want from, and experience brands. Which has become far more human and intimate.

3. Values. It’s clear that Lush knows that their relationships just begin with “what they make.” But the more important connection has to do with their why and how. The video is appropriately titled Lush Cosmetics – A Lush Life, We Believe. Paid off with a number of corporate beliefs that go beyond lip service to actions, e.g. only fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, all products made by hand, no ingredients from any companies that test on animals, no unnecessary packaging, among others.

4. Two-Way Street. On the one hand, Lush delivers on a great story. But they also understand and deliver on their customer’s story. They really know their customers. And the two stories intersect beautifully such that both Lush and their customers continually grow stronger together.

5. Great purchase experience. Their shops provide a wonderful, colorful, fragrant selection of gorgeous, “naked” (unpackaged) products for bath, shower, hair, face and body. Mixed with a two-part combination of shop-clerk passion and demonstration.

Please watch the video (if you haven’t already). It’s beauty marketing that will make you smile.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, the specialist health & wellness branding and marketing agency using every moment as an opportunity to move customers, brands and businesses upward to a new destination.