How to improve the healthcare experience: an idea from GE

How to improve the healthcare experience: an idea from GE

There must be a better way.

While these words are in the context of GE’s desire to help improve approaches to mammography and breast cancer, the majority of us would probably agree they apply to the healthcare experience in general.

GE invited women to share their mammography and/or breast cancer experience in an open forum called For Women By Women, at a relaxing space in New York’s Soho district. They encouraged women to stop by and share their experiences on the topic with people from the medical, design, non-profit and corporate worlds. Women outside New York could chime in via the company’s Facebook page.

The outreach is part of GE’s larger, $1B commitment to cancer that includes a $100 million innovation challenge to find and fund ideas to accelerate both the detection of breast cancer and enable more personalized treatment. Ultimately, the company hopes to use the information gathered to improve every woman’s experience with mammography and breast cancer.

There are a lot of good things about these forums:

– participants are emotionally invested in the subject matter
– truly care about creating a better outcome
– are able to participate on their own time
– in conversational-condusive settings
– via conversations that are fluid, open-ended and real

They’re also replicable by any healthcare provider. And beyond the insights they provide, I think they leave a positive impression that builds real respect and relationship value back to the organization.

I’d venture to say that in 30 minutes in a similar forum discussion – whether you’re a healthcare administrator, department chair, service line head, marketer, etc. – you’d come up with at least ten different ideas to improve your healthcare experience. So…what are you waiting for?

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand consulting and marketing agency specializing in creating momentum for brands on a health + wellness mission.