Health brand insights: the power of brand advocates

Health brand insights: the power of brand advocates

4 in 10 consumers go out of their way to talk about the brands they like –– with Gen-X (ages 30-49) and higher income groups most influencing brand preference.

Crowd Science’s latest JustAsk! survey (summary chart above) provides demographic & psychographic insights about how consumers feel about the brands they use, their likelihood to try new brands, and their propensity to stick with or recommend brands to others.

Key findings are as follows:

Gen-X are most likely to influence brand opinion: Those 30-49 most share brand opinions, with 50% providing recommendations and sharing preferences with people they know, compared to 42% of those under thirty and 40% over fifty.

As are consumers with higher incomes: 47% earning more than $50k a year agree they often tell friends and family about brands they like or dislike — 5% higher than those earning less than $50k. 28% of those with incomes of more than $100k agreed with the statement “People regularly ask my opinion about brands”, 10% higher than those who earn less than $50k, and 5% less than those earning $50k–$90k.

Most brand loyal are Gen-X: 38% of survey participants say they stick with a brand once they find one they like, consistent across males and females. However, brand loyalty differs across age groups, with brand loyalty highest among those 30-49 (42% agreeing “when I find a brand I like, I stick with it”). Brand loyalty is lowest for those under 30, with 33% indicating they would stick to a brand they like, as compared to 38% for those over fifty. Furthermore, 24% of those under thirty report that “they always like to try different brands” compared with just 15% of those thirty years and older.

Consumer brand affinity: is more common among males in the study, with greater numbers agreeing they are willing to pay more for a brand they trust, or that they only buy brand name products when they shop: 13% of males agreed they only buy brand name products and services, compared to just 8% of females.

Personal connection: Consumers with high affinity for a particular brand often demonstrate a personal connection to them. 16% of those surveyed agreed that “the brands I use say a lot about who I am”, with males slightly more likely to agree compared to females (17% male vs. 15% female).

Once again, the study write-up can be found here.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, the specialist health & wellness branding and marketing agency using every moment as an opportunity to move customers, brands and businesses upward to a new destination.