Becoming a brand-led health organization

Becoming a brand-led health organization

We facilitated a Brand Immersion session last week for a health organization client.

Our goal was to get about 25 cross-functional team members (across marketing, sales, finance, operations, innovation, customer service) on the same page about the importance of brand – and the sharpening of their brand – as an organizing principle for their organization.

The session consisted of a number of creative and participatory exercises designed to indirectly help define their brand vision, mission, values, value proposition and positioning. Importantly, the outcome of this work would also help the company prioritize its many growth opportunities.

There were a few key ideas that we discussed at the outset of the session that were pretty revealing for people (particularly those outside of marketing and sales) and got them charged up about the power of becoming a brand-led business. So I wanted to share those here.

1. What you sell is not what your customers are buying. Example of WiiFit.

2. While business is about what we do, brand is about how we do it. Example of Zappos.

3. Brand-building isn’t about a few things, it’s about everything. Example of Starbucks.

4. To transform your business, transform customers by being on their side and creating extraordinary value. Example of PatientsLikeMe.

We had a great session. The team was energized and excited about their future. A future that calls for creating new value for all audiences as a brand-led organization.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand consulting and marketing agency specializing in creating momentum for brands on a health + wellness mission.