Inspiration for health brands: JWT’s 100 things to watch in 2011

Good presentation (and inspiration) from JWT.

For healthy lifestyle and healthcare brand marketers, take particular note of these things to watch:

#7  Bamboo. Which is being used in hair care products, and will find its way into bicycles to clothing.
#9  Banner Ads Doing More. Including live video, and letting viewers bookmark for later viewing and redemption.
#16.  Buy One, Give One Away.  Reflecting idea of purpose-driven brands.
#25.  Digital Downtime. Taking breaks from digital, which studies have shown to relieve stress.
#35.  F-Commerce.    Allowing Facebook visitors to shop without leaving the site.
#36.  Food, Ph. D. Science-inspired food products targeting medical conditions and beauty needs.
#48.  Matcha.   The powdered green tea is a functional ingredient high in antioxidants and caffeine.
#49.  mHealth.   Mobile health apps to help improve health care and change how patients and physicians interact.
#65. The Oprah Winfrey Network.  Dedicated to self-improvement, personal transformation and entertainment.
#75.  Scanning Everything. Scanning barcodes or QR codes with smartphones linking to more information.
#76.  Self-Powering Devices. New gadgets requiring no battery or power cord.
#85.  Storied Products. Consumers looking for personal connections to brands, through people and stories behind them.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand and marketing firm specializing in creating momentum for businesses across the health + wellness continuum. The common threads are consumers who want to get well, stay well and play well, and brands that fulfill these aspirations and goals.

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