Seven “P”s to strengthen your healthcare brand portfolio

Seven “P”s to strengthen your healthcare brand portfolio

We’ve had a number of similar conversations with healthcare marketers that go something like this: We feel like we have far too many brands in our portfolio. More than we can probably support. Every time someone  introduces a new service, it becomes another “brand” with another logo.

The truth is, not all programs and services are created equal. Not all are “brand/logo worthy.” Particularly in this economic environment, energy and resources must be focused on supporting those health services that best align with vision and business strategy, build strategic and financial value back to the organization, and meet customer/stakeholder current and future needs.

Here are seven portfolio “P”s that you can begin to use to evaluate and strengthen your healthcare portfolio:

Purpose. Do each of your brands reflect your vision, business goals and strategies?
Perspective. What story is the portfolio telling from a customer perspective?
Place. Do each of the brands in the portfolio have a clearly defined role; are relationships clear; is there sufficient separation between them?
Potential. How do your different brands contribute to building strategic advantage, and to current and future growth and profitability?
Performance. Do you sufficiently cover the market given the needs of your priority audiences?
Potency. Does market attractiveness (size and potential growth) merit investment?
Pink Slips. For those brands that don’t meet this criteria, what is our plan for phasing them out?

Have I missed any “P”s?

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a branding + marketing company creating new brand energy by uniting organizations, creating new value and igniting new growth.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, the specialist health & wellness branding and marketing agency using every moment as an opportunity to move customers, brands and businesses upward to a new destination.

9 thoughts on “Seven “P”s to strengthen your healthcare brand portfolio

  1. My P’s relate to a health and social care model (conceptual framework) which may inform your brand / marketing context?

    In addition to PURPOSE which you have already listed, for me there is PROCESS – this is tasks, workflows, procedures and may be significant in terms of patient, carer education.

    POLICY – if you can align brands, programs with current POLICIES that must be a winner.

    PRACTICE – health is a social phenomena even though it affects the individual. Whether you are concerned with professionals in the health and social care market, or patients and carers are you addressing the true stakeholders. This now extends to social enterprise and the ‘3rd sector’.
    There are some resources here:

    Peter Jones
    Hodges’ Health Career – Care Domains – Model
    h2cm: help2Cmore – help-2-listen – help-2-care

  2. Peter,

    Thanks for adding this additional perspective. As you point out, your P’s are certainly relevant to informing health brand management practices.