Healthcare marketers creating new value: actions speaking louder than words

You can tell people all day long that they need to lose weight. That they need to be more active because it’s good for their health. And they’d expect these “one-way” messages from a healthcare provider like Mayo Clinic.

What you might not expect from Mayo is a fitness device that coaxes people into action. That adds real value to people’s lives – beyond Mayo’s core business of saving lives – and helps them do more than they could on their own.  And giving them the ability to do it alongside others.

Gruve (the first of other activity-based weight management products developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic) keeps track of a user’s metabolic progress against his or her pre-measured metabolism. The information collected is then synced to the Gruve Online website, giving users the ability to view their daily calorie burn and weight loss progress.

Here are a few important things for marketers to take away about Mayo’s Gruve:

• identifying new products and services through a filter of real customer needs (rather than through what and how you do it today), will free you to see and think in new ways about your possibilities and extending your appeal to new audiences
• these ideas are win-win’s for both customer and organization, as both grow stronger as a result of these new products
• helping people do things alongside others (people can join the Gruve “muvement”) creates an even more powerful proposition

So how can you get your “gruve” on to be more important to more people than you are today?