Imagining and creating new value for healthcare consumers: Mayo Clinic forms new start-up

Mayo Clinic is a pace setter when it comes to integrating social media into a healthcare organization’s marketing efforts.

It’s now creating new value for healthcare consumers and the organization itself through its partnership with DoApps. They’ve formed start-up mRemedy (website coming soon), to create new apps for smartphones based on Mayo’s research and services.

It’s first app, which just launched for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch is Mayo Clinic Meditation (perfect for those of us [all of us] who would love to take a few minutes out of our day for meditation). You can watch the video here:

This is another great example of Mayo:

• extending its relevancy (and generating revenue) beyond its traditional care services boundaries
• engaging audiences on their terms in ways they value and want
• creating new relationships with what will ultimately be a wide range of niche audiences sharing and spreading mRemedy apps

So how will you, as a healthcare leader, marketer or innovator, create and capture more value in 2010? What opportunities do you have to develop or creatively package your intellectual property?

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand and marketing firm specializing in creating momentum for businesses across the health + wellness continuum. The common threads are consumers who want to get well, stay well and play well, and brands that fulfill these aspirations and goals.

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