Creating health brand energy through fully engaged employees

There’s one energy source available to all companies. One source that all companies can control. It’s also the one source that can provide the endless energy necessary to move your company and customers forward.

This energy source is passionate employees. In a recent article on MarketingProfs, Gallup research of 300,000 businesses indicated that 75-80% of employees are achieving much less and feeling far less enthusiastic about their work than they could be. If all your employees were “fully engaged,” Gallup reported, your customers would be 70% more loyal, your turnover would drop by 70%, and your profits would jump 40%. Last, Gallup found that great employees also tend to engender “passionate” customers.

The cost of this endless energy is far more efficient than that of traditional support tactics. In fact, the only costs are the time and commitment required to energize, inspire and align employees around your (their) brand mission, vision, values and strategies. By getting them passionate about their brand in ways that are important to them – their lives and their futures – you’ll create a sustainable flow of energy with the power to ignite both relationships and business results.

Eric Brody

Eric Brody is President of Trajectory, a brand consulting and marketing agency specializing in creating momentum for customers, brands and businesses across the related categories of health, wellness and beauty.

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